Mission statement and social cause

 Mission Statement:

Celebration of Womanhood, Self-empowerment and Beauty Beyond

I have designed Ita Bonita as a tangible tool to share the knowledge of the self for the purpose of self-transformations. Energies of gemstones, psychographics of colors and my purest love for women is used on creating every pieces. I know me and I love me. I am self-empowered. Just like how good I feel about myself; every woman deserves to fell the best of herself. I am Proud to be a Woman. Let me celebrate my womanhood. Through the knowledge of the self and the practice, when we experience happiness, peace, love, and self-acceptance, we feel beautiful inside. I am beautiful in every way- I am beautiful beyond.

I love humanity and I want to serve them with what best I can. I want to live a legacy of Live well center – an art and science of living well. I plan on using majority of profits from Ita Bonita On creation of this nonprofit where people from all walks of life can come and learn about the self and equip themselves with self-care techniques for good health, peaceful mind and happy soul. My only goal is then so that no human can say they suffer because they did not have the access to the Knowledge of the Self.

Sangita Upreti-founder of Ita Bonita.

Our Cause:

Chalise Global Live well Center of USA


What is Live well Center?

Chalise Global Live Well Center of USA is institute of learning art and science of living well. Human being has 3 component that is mind, body, and the energy. All aspects of our lives must be balanced to live a healthy, peaceful, and happy life.

Why live well center is needed:

First, I had to go through divorce in 2005. To restart my life, I moved to USA in such an emotionally traumatizing mental state leaving 3.5 years old baby boy back with his father.

Post-divorce in 2007, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer degree 2. I survived that after manageable procedure. In 2012, I was diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia minor (Kind of Anemia). I was told by doctors that my condition will not be normal and there was no cure.

I knew I did not come to earth to be sick physically, emotionally, and mentally. There must be a better way than what I was going through. To find self-cure, I had to study nature care and alternative healing and subject of the self. Apart from self-studying, I took many therapies for both mind and body going to different countries.

After I got completely well, I am determined to share what I know. I have gathered way too much knowledge on the self and the self-management which should not die with disappearance of my physical body. What I know every human on earth must have access to under one roof so that we all can enjoy this human life on this Mother Earth.

After studying and using the subject of the self and self-healing for last 17 years, I have realized that there is no exposure to these priceless knowledges in our society. Due to not having any platform for this divine skill, I have noticed that people really have forgotten the self. We have left connection with the self for hundreds of years. We have forgotten the ancient wisdom exercised by our ancestors result of which humans of now faces multitude of physical, mental, and emotional issues.

We have developed technology, gadgets, in fractures, complex machinery but left our inner self aside. Modern problems like cancers, heart diseases, depression, anxiety, spiking divorce (60% in developed nations), crimes etc. are all the direct results of directing attentions away from the self and not being in harmony with the nature.

Our life is not pure and natural anymore whereas we are made from nature (5 elements-air, sky, earth, water, and heat). We are so away from the natural self of us.

To be healthy, happy, peaceful, and having loving relationships is every human’s birth right.

We must break this chain of running into a dark forest which is leading us to disasters and bring some light of wisdom that can be accessed by all humans from our society.

I have not seen any such institutions yet that cares for our brother/sister’s overall wellbeing.

Who is it for?

It is for every member of our society. As long you want to learn the skill to lead your life, you are welcome.

How is it going to function?

This unique state of art center is a complex project. All scattered universal knowledge for self-managements will be complied. Formulated with help of scientist of given fields. Knowledge then needs to be presented in the form of total science in the language any one can understand universally and can be valid for thousands of years to come so that our future generations can also use them despite the technological advancements.

Center is going to be created and supported initially by profits from Ita Bonita brand. It is managed by volunteers. Center needs to be self-sustainable slowly so many of which can be achieved by growing fruits, nuts, herbs in centers garden for consumption during training time. Then purely by donations given by people who are benefited by coming to center. This is the only way to continue the maintenance of the center. It is for society, so society must take care of it and keep it running. It is people’s property, no one owns it.

It is going to be a residential program of 3 days like going to a retreat center. Within 3 days you will learn and exercise every important aspects of the self and how to manage it. Theory alone does not work so it is like going to an engineering school where you lean by doing it.

Since infrastructure is costly, participants will have to register online and wait to get seats. Only deserving and serious 100 male and 100 females will be trained at a time to give full personal attention.

How will it benefit humanity?

So far, these scattered knowledges are so hidden from publics. Not all knowledge needed are accessible to lay man. With this center people from any capacity can have access to complete knowledge for self-management. Get educated and use them in their own after getting training.

Humanity can then learn how to use their best potential. People then can take charge of their life. People will be healthy in all sides, less divorces, less crimes, and divine quality children can be created when exercised these knowledges properly.

When is it going to be ready?

Since this is a costly infrastructure where everything needs to be customized from land, buildings, rooms etc. Even compiling of the knowledge and working with relevant scientist will take time. Since this is my personal interest for society, I will have to collect these knowledges myself and work with scientist. Any idea if I do not validate, I cannot put into a curriculum.

I see it may take time up to 10 years from now. Potentially be ready by 2031. First Ita Bonita needs to be profitable. Her profits after deducting necessary cost for growing, will be kept aside. Progress of the center will be periodically updated on the web site.

How does the curriculum look like?

1. For Normal adults

Overall self-assessments to discover the self. Process to create self-identity.

For Body: science of body formations, food for body, science of eating, science of drinking water, daily practice of eating/drinking, when and how to eat/drink, exercise/yoga for body, breathing exercise and science of breathing, nature walk for earthing, self-body message for optimum blood circulations, internal body cleaning and science, fasting and science of autophagy etc.

For Mind: Understanding of mind, food for mind, exercise for mind (meditations).

For soul: understating of soul, food for soul, exercise for soul.

2. For Parents to be: Science of creation of divine children and womb ology and exercise apart from Normal adults.

3. Teenager-15-19 – Normal teenagers: Like adult’s course designed for teenagers.

4. Teenager 15-19- teenagers coming from disturbed family and group homes. Course for them will be extra on top of regular teenager course to install what they have lost (love, unconditional love, self-esteem, self believe, value, security, safety etc.)


What is the cost for me?

It is free of cost for public. After taking advantage of the center, people can donate to help your family and friends to get help and also center can be sustainable.

Where center will be located?

Since we are California based, first location will be in California. Natural ambience is an excessively big part of the center, we need to find best location both energetically and accessibility and growing our own produce.

With demand slowly, locations in other parts of USA will be opened.

Since this is for humanity, I envision this center in all over the world.



Thank you for your support and Love!