Our Mission, Vision and Cause

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to make Ita Bonita a brand that does not only offer superior fashion items but celebrates womanhood and knowledge of the self for self-transformation. By combining energies of the gemstones, psychographics of colors, and our purest love of womanhood, we hope to make beautifully empowered women that fall in love with themselves everyday. 

Our Vision:

To see a world where people are equipped with self-care techniques for good health, a peaceful mind, and a happy soul. A world where no human has to suffer because they did not have access to the knowledge of the self. 

Our Cause:

A Chalise Global Live well Center of USA.

Happiness is for everyone. Our cause is not to only beautify women but to help people from all walks of life tap into their inner self for a more fulfilling life. 

We believe that the current negative energies and pains in the world can be reduced. It is why we are committed to building a Live Well Center for helping people reconnect with themselves to find peace and happiness within. 

Parts of the profits gained from selling Ita Bonita fashion items will be moved into building a Chalise Live Well Center.  

What is The Chalise Global Live Well Center All About?

Chalise Global Live Well Center of USA is an institute for learning the art and science of living well.

As humans, we are composed of our mind, body and energy and to live a healthy, peaceful, and happy life these three components of our lives must be balanced. It is for this reason why we are taking up the creation of a live well center as our cause

Why A Live Well Center Is Needed:

In 2005, I had to go through a horrifying divorce that forced me to leave a 3.5 years old boy with his father. Emotionally and mentally traumatized, I moved to the USA to start a new chapter of my life.

However, post-divorce in 2007, I was diagnosed with 2nd degree Cervical Cancer which I survived after manageable procedures. But in 2012, I was diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia Minor (a kind of anemia) which the doctors told me that my condition will never be normal as there was no cure.  

But I knew I didn't come to this earth to be sick physically, emotionally or even mentally. I knew there must be a better way than what I was going through. To find self-cure, I had to study nature's cares, alternative healings and subject of the self. Apart from self-studying, I travelled to different countries where I took therapies for both the mind and body.

After being completely healed, I got determined to share what I know. I have gained way too much knowledge on the self and self-management which I believe should not die with the disappearance of my physical body. Studying and using the subject of the self and self-healing for the last 17 years, I have realized that there is no general exposure to these priceless knowledges in our society.

Also, because there are no available platforms for teaching this divine skill, many people have forgotten themselves. With the development of different types of technologies, gadgets, infrastructures and complex machineries, we've severed connections with our inner self. Modern problems like cancers, heart diseases, depression, anxiety, spiking divorce (60% in developed nations), crimes etc are all the direct results of directing attentions away from the self and not being in harmony with nature.

Our life is no longer pure and natural even though we are made from nature's 5 elements (air, sky, earth, water, and heat). In order to break these chains of disconnections, we need some light on the wisdom of the self that can be accessed by humans all over the world.

I have not seen any of such institutions that cares for our brother/sister’s overall wellbeing.

Who is it for?

It is for every member of our society. As long you want to learn the skill to lead your life, you are welcome.

How is it going to function?

This unique state of the art center is a complex project. As all scattered universal knowledge for self-management will be complied and formulated with the help of scientists in each needed fields.

These accumulated knowledge then needs to be presented in a form of language that can be understood universally and can be valid for thousands of years to come irrespective of technological advancements.

The center is going to be created and supported initially by profits gained from the sales of Ita Bonita fashion items. However, in the long run, it will be managed purely by volunteers and donations given by people who have benefited from coming to the center. This is the only way to continue the maintenance of the center. Since it is for society, the society must take care of it and keep it running. It is for everyone; no one owns it. The center will also house a garden where fruits, nuts and herbs will be grown for consumption during training time.

It is going to be a residential program of 3 days, just like going to a retreat center. Within 3 days you will learn and exercise every important aspects of the self and how to manage it. Because we believe theory alone does not work, it is going to be like an engineering school where you learn by practicing.

Since infrastructure is costly, participants will have to register online and wait to get seats. Only deserving and serious 100 males and 100 females will be trained at a time to give full personal attention.

How will it benefit humanity?

So far, these scattered knowledges are hidden from the public as not all knowledge needed are easily accessible by everyone. Therefore, with this center, people from any capacity can have access to the complete knowledge of self-management. They can get educated and use the knowledge they gain on their own.

People can also learn how to access their best potentials so as to take charge of their life. This in turn, will build a healthy society in all walks of life as we will experience less divorces, less crimes, and more birth of divinely inspired children. 

When is it going to be ready?

This is a costly project that will take a while to materialize as everything from the lands, buildings, rooms, knowledge compilation and even scientists have to be customized to fit and service the different needs of people. However, since this is our service to the society, we will also have to collect these knowledges ourselves and work with the scientists so as to ensure that any idea that is not validated would not be added into the curriculum. In clear terms, we want to ensure that every service offered in the center is tried and verified for its effectiveness and safety.

From our projection, the center will be potentially ready 10 years from now. It is this way because Ita Bonita (as a fashion brand) needs to be profitable as it is her profits that will be set aside after deducting every necessary cost for the business' growth. Nevertheless, the progress of the center will be periodically updated on the website.  

How does the curriculum look like?

1. For Adults

Overall self-assessments to discover the self and processes to create self-identity.

  • For the body: Science of body formation, food for the body, science of eating, science of drinking water, daily practices of eating/drinking, when and how to eat/drink, exercises/yoga for the body, breathing exercises and the science of breathing, nature walk for earthing, self-body massage for optimum blood circulations, internal body cleaning and science, fasting and science of autophagy and many more.
  • For the mind: Understanding of the mind, food for the mind, exercise for the mind (meditations).
  • For the soul: Understating of the soul, food for the soul, exercise for the soul.

2. For Parents To Be: Science of creation of divine children, womb ology and other forms of exercises.

3. Teenagers (15-19): Our teenage program curriculum will be divided into two (2)

  • For teenagers coming from stable homes, their curriculum will replicate the adults program curriculum.
  • For teenagers coming from disturbed families and group homes, courses for them will be extra alongside the teenage curriculum designed for teenagers from stable homes to help install what they have lost (unconditional love, self-esteem, self believe, values, security, self-confidence, safety etc.). 

What is the cost for me?

It is free of charge for everyone. However, after taking advantage of the center, you can donate to help your family and friends get help as well which will also help in sustaining the center.

Where will the center be located?

Since we are a California based fashion brand, the first center will be in California. With demand slowly increasing, locations in other parts of USA will be opened.

Since this is for humanity, I envision this center all over the world.


Thank you for your support and love!

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