Pick your mantra.
What mantra is right for me?

I am Peaceful:

 How can one experience peace? Is there anything you wouldn't give to obtain it? How often do you find yourself truly calm? What stresses you out? On a scale of 1-10, what is your stress level? Are you able to just sit and relax? What steps are you taking to achieve a calm mind?

We've all sought peace in activities and things outside of ourselves. We may travel to new places, do yoga, go to the beach, frequent bars, drink, smoke, or engage in a constant pursuit of fun activities, all because we are seeking that one thing, we call PEACE. We vainly try to find peace in objects, persons, or places.

Perhaps no one has ever told you that peace is within theself. You may have never stopped your outward pursuit long enough to look within.

The truth is that being eternal energy, you are the peace; it is within you; it has been part of your inherent nature since birth. But this peace within is covered by a veil of ignorance and by layers of conditioning imposed by the world, like the layers of an onion. If you stop the chatter in your mind and bring yourself into the present moment, you can experience springs of peace bubbling up from within you.

If you find yourself angry, agitated, frustrated, stressed, anxious, feeling hopeless, short-tempered, worried, fearful, having depressed thoughts, suffering from panic attacks, lacking self-expression, having difficulty communicating, fearful of public speaking, or experiencing issues with self acceptance, then this calming " I am peaceful" mantra may be a welcome new companion.

I am wise:

How do you rate yourself for wisdom and intelligence? Do you have clear vision for the goals of your personal life (health, relationships, fitness, finances, social activities) and professional life? Do you make quality decisions? Do you express yourself well? Do you have clarity of mind?

Humans are the only species on the earth with such an advanced intellect. Have you considered the implications of this? Yes, all the amazing discoveries and advances from electricity, to landing on the Moon, to the vast network of mechanical and technological infrastructures were made possible when humans tapped into their inner wisdom and imagination.

Yet, many of us have been going to different counselors, attending motivational conferences, and taking special classes. Why? To get direction, guidance, new ideas, etc.

But did you know that you are an eternally wise soul? Yes, you have so much incredible wisdom hidden within you, covered by layers of ignorance. This vast knowledge has accrued in you from the many lives you have previously lived on earth. In those past lives you mastered various lessons, and you have come to earth again to continue learning and mastering new lessons.
This knowledge is stored in your book of life or Akashi records, or in your super (Alaya) consciousness. This makes you a wise sentient being.

If you find yourself lacking vision, ideas, goals, aspirations, and clarity of mind, or if you are facing mental blockages and difficulties in making decisions, or if you just want to excel in your profession or studies and want to tap into your creative side, then this "I am wise" mantra may be your favorite new companion.


I am the Love:

Do you love yourself? Are you readily able to offer unconditional love to yourself and others? Can you accept loving energy from others? Do you hold grudges and resentment in your heart? Do you get jealous of others' success? Do your feelings get hurt easily? Can you move on quickly after being hurt emotionally? Can you forgive others? Do you try to buy love with money?

If you have trouble giving and receiving love in these ways, don't be hard on yourself: you are not the only one. Everyone tends to misunderstand love and fails to look for love in the right place.

Due to ignorance of the secret knowledge of the self, we have been begging for love from everyone else rather than finding it within ourselves.

Yes, you are energy that is made with love, nurtured by love, and preserved through love. Every part of you has been suffused with unconditional love. You are an ocean of love.

But unless the blockages of the heart are opened consciously through knowledge and awareness so that energy may flow unimpeded to and from the heart chakra, you will face issues with love. If you find yourself with emotional heart blockages, not being able to trust, not being able to love, lacking self-love, unable to accept love, hard on yourself and on others, unable to forgive others and yourself, not understanding yourself or others, experiencing deep-rooted anger or a cold personality, then the "I am the Love" mantra maybe of great use.


I am a loving Soul:

Have you heard before that everything thrives only through love? Nothing around us survives without loving vibrations, whether plants, animals, insects, or humans. Yes, even plants die if not loved, and water becomes poison if we give off hateful energies.

The one thing people crave is to love and be loved. How many times have you stretched out your hand in compassion to people or animals, whether you knew them or not? How often you have asked "Are you okay?" to a stranger? Are not those loving vibrations coming out of you naturally?

Yes, love resides in your heart. We are eternal, loving souls. It is our nature, and we are given this ability to love without limit.
Since we came from a loving source, we are love.

Perhaps you struggle with being loved and want to feel wanted. Perhaps you feel left out, lonely, unworthy of love, selfish, or disconnected. You may have just had a breakup, just separated, or are going through a divorce, with holes in your heart and various clogged emotions.
Perhaps you cannot accept yourself, cannot accept others, have issues with relationships, trouble connecting with people, or suffer from guilt, shame, or greed. You may be suspicious towards the ideas of love and kindness and have too much ego and pride. If so, you may need the green vibrations of this "I am a loving soul" mantra to open up your heart.


I am happy:

Where do you find happiness? What does happiness mean to you? When was the last time you felt truly, deeply happy? To what extent would you go to be truly happy? Have you sought to find so-called happiness in people, reputation, fame, money, alcohol, drugs, sex, or material possessions?

Everyone deserves to be happy, and we all seek happiness throughout the day. Human beings are pleasure seekers, and in all of our activities we are really seeking just one thing: HAPPINESS.

You have felt happy at times, right? Where did it come from?
Was it from an event, object, or place?

Actually, it did not come from any of the above. It did not come from anywhere outside you but instead sprang from within you, because happiness is already in you; you may just have never looked within. Have you observed kids? How happy they are all the time (except when they are hungry or wet), right?

Yes, one of your soul's qualities is to be naturally happy.
You are made with happiness, and you possess it. It is your nature to be joyful.

If you feel sad, lonely, anxious, bored, fearful, hopeless, or worried, or if you have negative thought patterns, lack a positive outlook on life, struggle with phobias, experience problems with relationships, feel unsuccessful in life, have difficulty breathing, or are suspicious towards love and kindness, then this "I am Happy" mantra may be something you should consider.


I am Divine:

How would you treat that guest who visits your home if you knew that he was the God to whom you had been praying? Would you treat him with the very best, from the most gracious of words to the finest of gifts?

Going forward, how will you treat yourself if you discover that you are part and parcel of the very same energy you call God?

This valuable wisdom is not widely known, and we think that there is a big gap between ourselves and God. But you are composed of the same energy that this universe is made of and, indeed, you come from the same source, the source of all energy and all things. In other words, you are one with the Ultimate, Thou that Art (Tat Wam Asi). Every facet of you is of the divine. You are full of godliness. You are divine.

If you are lost in life, have questions about the self ("Who am I?"), feel inferior, empty, insecure, and have low self-esteem ... if you engage in self-sabotaging or negative talk, are critical of yourself, lack a sense of dignity and self-love ... if you feel unworthy, unwanted, unlovable, hopeless, dissatisfied with life or suffer from shame or a loss of faith, then the " I am Divine" mantra may be just what you need.

I am Powerful:

Have you ever given up on yourself? Are you living your dream life? Are you following your heart? What happened to the dreams you had as a child? Are you exhausted? Does it seem that great achievements are only for others? Does the voice inside you say, "Only they can accomplish these things; I cannot"? Do you feel you are a victim of people and situations?
Do you feel powerless?

It is a human psychological need to feel successful, to be a part of a community, to have a good reputation, fame, respect, and to be in control. You are not the only one who has these needs. But have you ever asked what is stopping you from achieving them?

Here is a truth that is rarely taught in schools, temples, and churches: You are made up of very powerful energy and have been since birth. Yes, you are by nature strong and powerful mentally, physically, and emotionally. That inner power and strength is at your disposal whenever you need to use it.

If you find yourself feeling weak, powerless, ready to give up, or lacking in motivation, endurance, focus, and mental and physical stamina ... if you find yourself procrastinating, unable to reach goals, living under fear, feeling negativity all around, or simply in need of divine protection, then you may benefit from the " I am powerful" mantra to give you that powerful boost you need.

I am Pure:

Do you have trouble being honest? Are you indecisive? Or perhaps you constantly worry, are judgmental of others, or are gripped by fears, anger, or frustrations? Are you unhappy, agitated, jealous of others' success, egotistical, sarcastic, prideful, or even hateful?

It is not your fault. Please be kind with yourself. You were not born with these or other such negative attributes; they are simply contaminations you absorbed from your external environment, the product of negative programming you've been exposed to from the time of your birth until today. This conditioning created poison in your mind, like mixing sewage into clean spring water.

When you were born, you were an immaculate soul transformed into a pure body, clean as clear crystal, with no foul conditioning or contaminations. You remained in this divine, blissful, pure state throughout your early childhood. This freedom from all negative emotional and mental attributes is your birth nature.

If you face any of the above issues, the "I am pure" mantra can be a particularly useful purification tool to help you enjoy a fulfilling life ahead

I am Eternal:

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Where your ideas come from? Why you think and behave as you do? If you contemplate all your unique attributes, do you not wonder how many lives you have lived before the present one in order to become the person you are? Do you find yourself unique, different from even all your closest family members?

Do you have a fear of aging, dying, and losing your loved ones?

Out of ignorance, all humans have this fear and these questions.

But consider: As Einstein showed us, energy is never created or destroyed; it only transforms. Being energy, you are never born, nor do you die (Dibbyo ham            ). You are simply eternal. Your pure awareness is unlimited, completely open, and unconditioned. Since you were never created and will never be destroyed, you have only changed forms throughout past lives, and you will continue to
transform and evolve.

If you are facing a fear of death or old age, a fear of losing loved ones; or if you are worried, going through changes, working on transformations, facing uncertainty, have experienced the death of a loved one, or want to clear your karma, then you need the "I am Eternal" mantra as a daily reminder that you are an eternal being.

I am Free:

How does law punishes criminals? By taking their freedom away and confining them to a jail. Why is freedom of the self so important to us? Because freedom is what we crave the most. It is everyone's birthright to be free.

Due to ignorance of the self, many of us remained confined in our own inner prisons. How often we say "I cannot ... because I do not ... because I am this way ... because ..." And the list goes on. 

The good news is that we are made of eternal energy that is unbounded by anything, anybody, or any situation. We are born infinitely free (Mukto ham          ). Being free is among our inherent attributes. And because freedom is in the nature of our souls, we react when freedom is lost just as we become thirsty when we are dehydrated or as a fish thrashes about when out of water.

If you find yourself held mentally captive within yourself or by others; if you are overly dependent on others at an emotional, mental, or physical level; if you are in an abusive or controlling relationship; if you are experiencing any kind of substance addiction or are addicted to sex, gambling, or other unhealthy dependency; if you have obsessive behavioral issues; if you live in fear; if you want to disconnect from old behavioral patterns, cut your dependency on an ex, release emotional blockages, let go of toxic relationships or other negative attachments, let go of the past, remove negativity from your life, become more grounded, or just need a protective shield, then you may need the "I am free" mantra to help free yourself from your current situation.

I am Blissful:

Do you love babies? Aren't they cute? Have you ever wondered why babies can seem so peaceful? Why they can be so happy and content with little things, like biting their own toe? Why they seem to love and respond to you whether you are rich or poor, black or white, from the East or West?

The answer is that they are still in their original divine, pure, blissful state. They are not yet conditioned by the world.

As we grow up, due to ignorance of our original selves, we become stressed, burdened with life, and begin looking for peace, happiness, and love anywhere we can find it. We begin accumulating things to make ourselves happy. But we are looking in all the wrong directions.

The good news is that you are an eternally blissful consciousness.  You are ingrained with
bliss already inside you. The ability to find the peace, joy, and happiness you long for has been within you from the time of your birth.

If you are going through stress of any kind or experiencing unhappy situations, unhappy relationships, low self-esteem, self-doubts, critical thought patterns, a sense of inferiority, mood swings, lack of will power, or depressing thought patterns, then energy to make you happy, peaceful, and cheerful is needed.  The "I am Blissful" mantra may be a good companion to cheer you up.

I am Unique:

Have you ever met anyone exactly like yourself? Is there anyone who has your very same thought patterns, voice, talents, skills, external beauty, internal beauty, etc.?

If you haven't found one yet, then don't be surprised. There is no one in this entire cosmos who is exactly like you.

But out of ignorance, how often have you compared yourself with others? And how many times have you rejected yourself? How often has it seemed that everyone else is better than you in capabilities, looks, wealth, possessions, and relationships? How many times have you tried to look like that star or follow the latest fads? How many different look-enhancement procedures have you undergone, or used fake eyelashes or fake nails?

What does it feel like to be someone else and not yourself?

I have great news for you. The energy that you are is one in over eight billion, the current population of the world. You are a rare gem.
Every aspect of you is a gift; you are the chosen one; you have a specific purpose among all of humanity, and everything about you is a gift of the universe. You are unique. What you have, others do not have, and there is no duplicate of you anywhere to be found.

If you are unable to accept yourself and are experiencing low self-esteem, low self-image, a tendency to put yourself down, and a lack of self-love; if you struggle with competitive thoughts and compare yourself to others; if you struggle in your relationships with others, cannot work well with others, cannot accept them, are very judgmental of them, or cannot perform or hold onto a job well, then the "I am unique" mantra may help you learn to feel better about yourself.

I am Complete and Whole:  

Have you ever wondered how your entire mind, body, and energy system works? Have you ever heard your inner voice and followed its guidance, with amazing results? Have you ever been in a fight-or-flight situation and remained in control? Have you ever experienced the extremes of happiness and unhappiness? Have you ever achieved more than you ever thought possible?

If you have, then you may understand that you were born with all the capabilities you will ever need. You were born complete and whole , lacking nothing. Yes, you have it all: you have every type of talent, skill, knowledge, power, etc. already in you. You are an amazingly complex being, complete and perfect in every way because you are divinely made.

If you struggle with "I cannot ... I do not ... I do not have ..."; if you are unable to achieve the results you want; if you feel lacking and incomplete, then the "I am complete and whole" mantra may be just what you need to give yourself a much-needed boost.

I am a Magnet:  

Are you working your dream job? Is your life partner as you hoped they would be? Do you attract the same events or similar quality of people over and over again?

We all are unique, and our desires and needs are different. What matters to me will be different than what is important to you. There is nothing wrong or right about this. We all are "right" in terms of our individual needs and desires.

Just as your body is what you eat, you are what you think. Thoughts are things too, and we are in our current situations based on what we have attracted to ourselves through our thoughts, with or without being aware of it. Reflect on every pleasant event that has happened to you, as well as every unwanted situation. Also think about what the root cause was and how all of it came about.

For the most part, you will likely be able to connect the dots, except for events that happened without your full awareness in this life.
Yes, we have the power to attract, magnetize, and materialize everything that happens to us with the power of our own thoughts. We are the creators of our own reality. When our intentions are focused and strong, fueled by strong emotions, we can manifest things or events in our lives that are according to the divine plan.

If you are struggling to have your dream job, the right partner, the house you've always wanted, or any material object that you really deserve or need, the "I am a magnet" mantra may be of use to reprogram your mind to a manifesting mode.

I Follow my Heart:   

Are you connected to yourself? Do you listen to your inner voice? Are you in harmony with your inner feelings? Do you know what you love?
Are you aware of your inner strengths and qualities? Do you know your gifts and talents?

You are a unique gift to this world. You have a purpose for coming to the earth. All of your good qualities, talents, and gifts are not just for you but to serve humanity. You are a most wanted and chosen one.

Knowing this, your task is to listen to your inner voice, observe and study the self, and follow your heart. No one knows you better than yourself. You live with yourself 24 hours a day; everyone else is just a guest to you. No one matters to you as much as you yourself. You are your first and last lover.

To be able to live this life as a fully functional, happy, and peaceful human being, you need to have full control over yourself, be doing what you love, and love what you do.

If you are in the wrong relationships, in the wrong line of work, or do not enjoy the work you do, then the "I follow my heart" mantra can help you rediscover your passions and love.

I am Divinely Protected:    

Do you feel safe and protected? Do you feel you've been surrounded or affected by negative energy? Do you feel insecure? Are you in a high risk or stressful profession? Is the stress becoming too much for you? Do you feel people are jealous of you? Do you regularly use devices that emit EMFs? Is your work environment negative, or do you have to deal with negative or low-energy people? Are you a doctor, police officer, member of the military, firefighter, nurse, etc. who needs to deal with stressful situations and people on a regular basis?

Now consider: Have you ever attended a funeral? How did you feel when you returned home? Now compare that to how you felt afterwards if you've ever attended a blessings ceremony at a temple or church? The types of energy differ dramatically between those two settings, don't they?

How do you know when you have negativity around you or toxic people in your life? Well, your personal energy level drops, and you become unhappy or sad when you are in such a space or around such people. To make matters worse, if you are unprotected or already have a weak energy level, you may even become sick for days.

Conversely, if you are in an environment with high-frequency, positive vibrations, you will be uplifted.

Feelings of safety and protection are an uppermost need for all of us. Everything around us is energy vibrating at different frequencies.
If our personal energy level does not match, we are affected. For this reason, we need to always shield our own personal energy with high-vibrating energy buffers.

If you face any of the situations discussed above or are in a profession where you deal with negative people and environments, then the "I am Divinely Protected" mantra may be exactly what you need.

I am Victorious:   

What does victory mean to you? Do you often feel defeated? Do you feel that you always have to win? Would you say that you have learned from your failures? Are you still affected by past defeats?  

Well, winning does boost our ego, to be sure, but losing or failing can help us to reshape it. Would you agree? Sometimes adversity is the best teacher. It may feel very painful at the time, but when we look back on that pain later, we often see that the painful experience contributed to making us a more worthy person. Our job is to stay balanced and give our best to all our tasks and relationships, then let the universe handle it from there. If you have done your part, move on and focus elsewhere. If you dwell on the results of your efforts, this will only lead to suffering. If your attention is simply on performing your best, you will be happy either way, regardless of the outcome.

If you lead your daily life with the mindset that either way you are winning, you will be free of pain. If things go the way you want, all well and good, but even if not, you will have received a chance to change and become a better person. You hold victory in both hands.

If you tend to be hard on yourself, overly competitive, possess a "must win" attitude, are too focused on results, or feel unable to move on from past failures, then the "I am Victorious" mantra may be something you should look at.

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