Join Jewelry Club

Join our jewelry club and get Any 3 silver Jewelries for ONLY $ 150

When you join our jewelry club, we will sent either best seller or the newest designs of 3 pieces (Ring + Earring + Necklace OR Bracelet) silver jewelries valued over 50 dollars each or more on monthly basis. Your card will be charged automatically every month. You will save lot of money on silver jewelry. Your jewelry will be chosen based on last delivery. 

The value of each jewelry will be at least 50.00 and up-to the most expensive pieces.

12 months commitment is require to qualify for this price.

Jewelry Club code is package1

(Note: using code package1 to purchase our jewelry indicates us that you have agreed to let us charge your credit card on month basis until you fulfill your commitment of 12 months, otherwise you will be charge full retail price)

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