FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Ita Bonita is a women centric clothing line that caters to the problems women face when they start gaining weight and losing their teenage body for a more mature and sexier look. The line services the body, mind and soul of women. The exquisite detailing and specificity of each piece makes it a brand you want to have as part of your personal collection or your wholesale/retail clothing outlet. Every piece in the clothing line elevates and fine-tunes the structure of the female body irrespective of shape, size, age or ethnicity. With the structuring of each piece, color psychographics employed and positive affirmation tags attached to each piece of clothing, you are sure to have clothes that will leave your shelves as fast as they arrive owing to how they help your customers feel more proud and comfortable in their skin.


You pay before shipping.

Our clothing items are shipped only in March, April, May and June as they are summer wear. But we ship out our jewellery at any time of the month within 36 hours as we always have them in stock.

There is no minimum purchase per order. You are free to buy as much as you want.


Prices do not include taxes.

Taxes and shipping are calculated at checkout.

Yes. They are of excellent price and original quality.

We are an experienced and top notch clothing company.

Yes. For any orders via our website, it is free shipping within the USA.


If you received your package with defective clothes, you can return them to us. We are very comfortable with changing it for you. Simply contact us and inform us on the defects present on the clothes

For more information on being a retailer of the Ita Bonita line, please contact us at info@itabonita.com

Or call us at 310 409 9313 / 310 904 3662.