What is Ita Bonita? Ita Bonita is empowerment through Mantra jewelry, a line created by Sangita Upreti, who has been a designer for the past 12 years.

She says “I’ve been an artist from the age of 9, since childhood I’ve loved the human race. For the past 17 years I’ve been studying our sense of self.”

How was Ita Bonita born? With the purpose of pursuing my life purpose, I have combined everything I know and designed Ita Bonita’s self-empowering Mantra jewelry as a tangible tool to share the knowledge of self-transformations through energy and mindfulness.

Energies of gemstones, psychographics of colors and my purest love for the human race are some of the important spices used in the creation of every design on Ita Bonita.

What are Mantras? A Mantra is the use of certain words, phrases or affirmations that are spoken/ recited repeatedly. Sound Vibration of these positive words produce certain chemicals in our body that make us feel good. By repeatedly using a Mantra, we are reprogramming our mind to create a result we want. We create our own destiny through mindfulness.

My First mantra: I know me, and I love me. I am empowered. I am absolutely in love with myself. I date myself regularly to know myself-better.

My Second Mantra: I am proud to be a woman. Let me celebrate my womanhood. I accept myself as a complete, whole, and magical creation. I celebrate my existence every day.

My Third Mantra: I am beautiful in every way. I am beautiful beyond. With the inner transformations I feel happy, peaceful, and loved. I find beauty in everyone and everything.

Why do we use Mantras? I feel extremely good about myself; every woman deserves to feel their best. Only way to do that is by knowing yourself.

Why Gemstone Jewelry? Gemstones have energies, they restore memory and have amplifying properties. Crystal quartz are used on radio stations to convert sound waves to sounds and Silicon chips are used in all computer devices to restore programming. We are using gemstones for the exact same reason, energy transmutation.

How does Ita Bonita work? With use of Gemstones +Intention + Mantra, one can expedite goals in life. Ita Bonita’s self-empowering Gemstone Jewelry here works as a tangible tool, personal coach, constant companion, and cheerleader apart from adding fashion to the body. For this very reason, Ita Bonita is beyond beauty.


 Learn more or take our quiz to find your own mantra on our MANTRA page! 

 Sangita Upreti

Founder of Ita Bonita

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